10 Goals worth sharing

The following list is from Satya Columbo at satyacolombo.com .  Satya was reflecting on the differences between the United States and the jungles of Central America, where he'd just spent eight long months, when he discerned this list.  They mirror my own values so closely that I  had to share. 
Number 10 is set apart because it is my own. 
  1. A clear and present mind rooted in the truth of who we are;
  2. A life that’s dominated by love over the quest for property, prestige and wealth;
  3. A foundation of generosity over greed;
  4. The freedom to live our lives in alignment with the highest values we envision for ourselves and the world;
  5. A life that’s filled with recognition of the abundance of all that we have vs. obsessing over what we don’t have;
  6. The fundamental groundedness in nature — in the beauty and wisdom, the abundance and flow of the earth;
  7. A clean earth, clean environment, and clean water for all humans and all life;
  8. Simplified, minimized consumption — focused on sustainability;
  9. A Life driven by happiness, joy and celebration of the gifts that we have.
10.  To serve and help other people do the same.

If these ideas or goals resonate with you then please share.  Thanks for reading,


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  1. During election season, I always tell people that, while voting and political discussions are important, if we really want to change the world, the best thing we can do is live good lives and lead by example.

    Thanks for sharing this--it was a great reminder. I think I will print it and put it on my wall at work.

  2. They are all great. My favorite is number 2.