Using the power of intention

intend - 1. to direct the mind on;  2. to have in mind a purpose or a goal.  Merriam- Webster

Our mind is a very powerful tool. Used correctly it can assist us in achieving almost any dream.  Used incorrectly, or not at all, we drift or randomly change paths. 

Before I discovered how to harness the power of intention my days went something like this:
Most mornings I would wake with a foggy mind.  Random thoughts, subject to my mood and last nights dreams passed through my mind so quickly that I was barely aware of many of them.  I would try to focus enough to get through my workout, shower, and get to work.  It could be hours later before I gained any real focus.  I 'd go through my day's routine not being sure why I was doing half of the things I did. 

Then I discovered a better way

What if  I clarified my intention?  Through meditation and quiet time I could clarify my big picture intention for life. I could use this knowledge each morning to clarify my intention for the day. What if I knew each day what I intended to do?  I don't mean the routine, I'm talking about my deep-seated intention.  Why am I going to work, writing that blog, or teaching that class?  What do I intend to achieve?  By clarifying my intentions, I could not only make it clear what my objectives were, but I got a chance to remove any impurities that might mingle with my best intentions.

With this sort of clarity you can achieve so much more.  Intention focuses our energy and brings about certainty.  Certainty gives us power - focused power.

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  1. Thank you for posting this great write up! The power of the mind can really do what most think is impossible!