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So why do I bother to spend several hours a week on this blog?  I'm obviously not a writer.  I make a few pennies a day in advertising so that's not it.  I do it because it gives me a chance to share my ideas and connect with others.  There are no boundaries or limits.  Anyone with Internet access can read what I have to say.  I enjoy that.

I also read a lot more since I began blogging.  I read tons of blogs for content ideas and for pleasure. 

One thing that I've noticed since I started reading so many blogs - there are a lot of people afraid you might advertise your blog or toot your own horn on 'their' blog. WHO CARES?  I don't want you advertising Viagra or anything similar, but if you want to comment on subject and leave your blog or web address then go ahead.  I'd be pleased to share it with others as long it is not off-color ( I will check).  I would even encourage you to please provide links to like content in the comments whether it is yours or not.  I'm interested in reading other views and seeing new ideas.  I hope you are too, so please share.  Use whatever name you like.  PLEASE SHARE

Please go on to see my previous post Lessons Learned

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  1. I hear you Dan. My food parties have lots of people promoting their blogs. It's a great opportunity for them and others to find out about other blogs because it is a high traffic event.
    What goes around comes around...

  2. So visit Diane's blog at