Modern Zen Stories VIII - Stories about happiness

How I Quit My Job, Moved to a Foreign Country, and Became a Ninja on The Change Blog

Things not to worry about at The Art of Non-conformity

10 things to say yes to for a happier life on The Positivity Blog

How to release neediness on

7 lessons learned from a 7 year old on PositivelyPositive

And to finish the list, I would like to leave you with an article by Elle on her great blog, Reflecting a Life.  Elle's article 'Outsmarting the tips and techniques trap ' is about going slow.  Don't try to overachieve on self improvement.  Take time to enjoy who you are while trying to improve one step at a time.  Be happy now.

Have a happy weekend,

Dan Garner

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  1. Great links as always! I always need about two days to just read them and enjoy them all properly.

  2. Thanks LadyJustine, thank you so much. I really enjoy your blog and envy your laid-back life in France.

    Everyone please visit her wonderful blog at:

  3. Thank you Dan for the shoutout now I'm off to read the other articles you mentioned. Can't have too much happiness in a day!

    Love Elle