Modern Zen Stories VII - Interacting with others

The theme for this week's collection of the best reads on the net is interfacing with others.  Most unhappiness in this world could be avoided if we were more mindful of our dealings with other beings.

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Have a mindful week. 

Dan Garner

Don't assume I know what you mean on Psychology Today.

Hello I love you on Be more with less.

Respond Instead of Reacting: Speak Your Truth, Not Your Fears on Tiny Buddha.

Daily Connect: Self, Other, and Politics on the Inter-Dependence Project.

What makes you "click" with someone else? on Barking up the Wrong Tree.

The easiest way to thrive as an outlier on Seth Godin's blog.

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  1. Dan:
    Thank you for this list. Thank you for what you do. Thank you for who you are (well, who you portray yourself to be!) Thank you for being the Zen Presence.