I'm not afraid and that's not good

I'm not afraid right now, not even nervous. I'm fully confident and that's not good. Why you ask? I am not that strong. I am comfortable right now. Yes I am fairly confident in my abilities to get by in this world, but who wants to just get by?

 If I had mastered life and were a great Zen master then it would be okay (maybe) to be just bathing in contentment, but I am not.  Being fearless right now could only mean one thing - I'm in a rut.  Time for a few changes.  Nothing stays put forever; if you're not moving forward then you are losing ground.  Time to push forward out of my comfort zone.

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone" ~ Neale Donald Walsch

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  1. Yes... I am in this place too, so this coming week I'm going to mess around with my blog: new name, new address.. it may work, it may not.
    I have definitely found that saying that you only regret what you haven't done to be very true for me. I have gotten over my mistakes, but I still kick myself about things, "I didn't do."

  2. I totally recognize this space Dan. Lol. Whenever I have that feeling of complacency it begins to feel really uncomfortable and then I know I'm about to take a quantum leap. That's how it's happened for me, so I've reached a point where I embrace it. Let us know about your quantum leap, I suspect there's one just around the corner.

    Love Elle