Cause and effect, or coincidence?

Today I was typing at the computer while listening to a track on my iphone.  At precisely the same time that my finger touched the key board, the music skipped or jumped.  At first my mind connected the two events, but then I remembered that the track always jumped at that spot.  The timing was coincidental.  How many false connections have our minds made; shaping our vision of life?

I think we all understand the link between cause and effect.  The trick is to be sure you are connecting the proper cause to the proper effect.


  1. There have been studies done where it appears that subatomic particles respond to the experimenters thoughts... so subconsciously and consciously we may well be creating our world.

  2. I totally agree Diane. There is so much we don't understand about the universe. I am a student of theoretical physics. I think evolution is going on at so many levels (biological, spiritual, and universal) that we will never understand it all. As soon as we think we understand, it changes.

    Thanks for the comment and for provoking new thought.

    Dan Garner