Snake Oil

You will not achieve your long-term goals following get rich quick schemes, fad diets, or buying the latest re-invent yourself book.  Beware of the accomplices in the crowd. 

There may be guides that help us along the way; fingers pointing to the moon.  I've learned a lot from Thich Nhat Hanh, Eckhart Tolle, Seth Godin, and even Anthony Robbins.  Their works and words have inspired and directed me, but I still have to walk the walk myself. 

Snake oil doesn't work any better today than it did a hundred years ago; it simply comes in a new package.


  1. I'm currently reading a book of Thich Nhat Hanh for the second time. But of course the life is not about following the crowd and even not about reading great people's thoughts. Life is to live. To live your own life.

  2. Of course you are correct Anna. You have to solve your own problems and live your own life. No one else can do it for you.


  3. There's a big spiritual supermarket out there and some of it is indeed snake oil!

  4. It get's confusing Dan with so many tips and techniques - let alone snake oil. I remember reading don't read many books on the art of manifesting/spirituality/whatever your chosen path, read one book many times. I've found this to be a useful practice in my own life.

    Good luck with your new blog.

    Love Elle

  5. Snake oil ,It's been my experience after 36 years of being on a spiritual quest that almost without exception , most modern spiritual teachers have feet of clay , or if they are truly genuine have had only an kensho or limited satori experience at best . The bigest exponents of todays spiritual snake oil salespersons are the " Pseudo-Advaita " satsong dispensers . Buyer Beware .

    All Blessings
    Poppy G