Middle-aged assh*les

image credit: Surian Soosay from flickr.com

It always disturbs me when someone is riding my tail in traffic.  "Can't you be patient?  I'm going the speed limit."  Then they pass me and risk who knows how many lives?  I glance to get a look at the idiot as they pass, expecting some young kid with a new license, but no, it's a mature (?) adult! 

How disappointing.  I expect a young person, with little life experience and full of raging hormones through their body to behave that way, but a middle-aged person?

It reminds me of the time my wife had an old man flirting with her in a REALLY inappropriate manner.  Before we left the restaurant I said "lets get away from the perv."  She responded " Honey, he's old, he's not a pervert."  I replied " What do you think happens to perverts as they age?  They become old perverts."  It really shocked her to think of this.  I think she saw all well aged adults as sweet little old people.

The moral of this story is not to pick on any age group.  I'm middle-aged myself, and maybe to some I'm considered an assh*le.  The point is that if we do nothing to improve ourselves as we age, we're liable to be middle-aged assh*les too.  If we don't take the time to cultivate patience, understanding, and mindfulness then our state of mind could get worse resulting in our frustrated egos distorting our visions.  We could become sitting ducks for bitter attitudes and defeated outlooks. What a waste.

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  1. Dear Dan , The vast majority of the world's population are first stagers , whose activities are primarily survival oriented, impelled by base desires , whims , and especially peer-group influences .Egocentric preoccupation with an emotional sense of personality-self prevails . their powers of intelltual discrimination are weak .Basicly they are dysfunctional assholes,but exactly where they need to be at this time in their evolution .

    All Blessings
    Poppy G