Interdependence and personal responsibility

The following excerpts are cut from an article on The idproject by Ethan Nichtern.  The full article can be read *here* , but is partially political in nature and I prefer to keep this blog free of that stink.  The quotes alone are enough to ponder if you'd rather not read someone else's political beliefs.

Mr. Nichtern states that "the first relevant premise of Buddhism..." is " that nobody, and we mean nobody, is going to save you from your own mind."  He then states that "The second premise of Buddhism seems to totally contradict the first. Everything, and we mean everything, is interdependent. Nothing happens in a vacuum."

To reconcile Mr. Nichtern says "How do we then reconcile the above two premises, which seem to directly contradict each other? Here's what I believe. The second premise, interdependence, provides the proper and appropriate context for understanding the first premise, personal responsibility. In other words, it is when we begin to understand interdependence that we see the true importance of personal responsibility. Once we see that nothing happens in a vacuum, that all beings are really in this together, that's the exact moment that we are properly inspired to become responsible for our own mind."

Something to think about.


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