Five Steps to Achieving

Reduce your friction

Friction is all around you- distractions, nay-sayers, pessimists.  Eliminate unnecessary busy work.  Don't discuss your plans with negative people.  Stay motivated.

Get out of your own way

Overcome the negative voices in your head. Listen to them and then quickly let them go. Most of our fears are unfounded.  Use whatever positive thinking techniques necessary to overcome your doubts. 

Get started

Take the first step.  Any progress at all will bring new energy to your life.  You will begin to be filled with purpose.  As far as the details go, you'll figure it out.

Be Flexible

Notice that the title of this post was not Five steps to achieving your goals.  Fixed goals can be limiting.  Give your dreams room to grow.  Hopefully your ideas will change and grow as you proceed down the path you've chosen.

Don't stop

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