Being happy with less

Americans spend roughly $22 BILLION on storage (Source: National Storage Association, 2009).  We spend this on storing things that don't fit into our already over-sized homes.  Are we any happier because of these things?

I am not against owning things.  My bicycle brings a lot of enjoyment to my life.  Yes I enjoy most of my "things", but I ask myself hard questions before acquiring them.  How much of my life energy will I spend to acquire this thing?  Is it in line with my higher values?  How much will it cost to maintain this thing?  Will this thing bring overall value to my life?

You don't need to live a life of deprivation to enjoy the benefits of minimalism.  Just think before you buy.  Realize that things alone will not bring you happiness.  I've already discussed 12 good reasons I'm a minimalist here. 

See Graham Hill's ( founder of presentation at TED 2011 on the Joys of Less.