No News is Good News - Disconnecting

As I relayed in my last post, Modern Zen Stories , I have recently distanced myself from mass media.  I cancelled my subscription to cable television and quit visiting major news sites ( Yahoo, Bing, Huffington Post ).  Thanks to my friend Maya, I now know how to go directly to my yahoo mail account without visiting their front page first.  I don't care what the Obama campaign recently said about Romney or vice versa.  I don't subject myself to a barrage of adds encouraging me to buy the latest consumer gadget.  I don't even need to know of the latest acts of war or aggression mankind has committed.  I know it is happening without reading the gory details.

For me no news is good news.  My goal is not to isolate.  I am trying to avoid the unnecessary drama modern life can add to our lives, and disconnect from the frantic pace a bit.  I feel less isolated and more connected to the present moment than ever.  I sit out in the evenings with my wife and a cup of tea.  I notice the sun peeking through the overcast sky.  I feel refreshed.

I do read more. Blogs have become a passion. ZenhabitsCastles in the Air, and Seth Godnin's Blog are some of my favorites.  I'm re-reading Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind by Shunryu Suzuki.  Quality reading. I feel my mind is engaged instead of occupied. 

Being disconnected is not for everyone.  My twenty-three year old daughter is young, involved, and politically active.  It doesn't fit her character, but maybe it would benefit us all to slow down a little and pay attention to what is going on right here, right now.  The same political double-talk will still be going on tomorrow night.  Take a night off and enjoy what is going on in your own life.  Perhaps your self-knowledge will deepen.



  1. Wonderful post and I totally agree.

    My wife and I no longer pay attention to any news really...we also read many blogs.

    Really like that picture.


    1. Hey Marc. Thanks for the comments. I glanced over your blog. I will look in depth tomorrow. My wife and I both enjoy a primal diet and could benefit from your site.



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  3. Right on, I found your blog via your comment posted @ and dug this post so much I've bookmarked your site and added it to my RSS reader. Great minds think alike. Then again, so do we! Hah! Here's a recent post I wrote on a very similar topic.