Modern Zen Stories - Best Blog Reads This Week

Since cancelling my subscription to cable television and swearing off the mainstream media, even on the internet, I find myself reading more and more blogs.  I read only subjects I am interested in.  No political campaigns, no celebrity scandals, and no more gadgets that I need to buy advertised before my eyes over and over again. 

Today I am listing links to some of the more interesting articles I've read this week.  Some are from other Zen blogs, some not.  The posts that are not from Zen blogs touch upon the principles of mindfulness, open heart, or participating in the present moment.

With an open heart and an open mind - Seth Godin

The race to the bottom - Seth Godin

Spills - Nina Yau

Are you enjoying your biscuits? - Zendotstudio

Zen in a cup of tea - MinimalStudent

IE : The power of intermittent euphoria - Mark's Daily Apple

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