Life is Fragile and Precious .... A Tribute to Dick.

I just received the news from my wife that an old friend is in hospice and is dying of cancer. I have not known him for very long; I think just over a year.  It should have come with really no surprise. After all he is 84-years-old, and he was diagnosed with cancer shortly after I met him. 

Still, I was overcome with a flurry of emotions.  Sadness came first, of course,  then warmth. I was glad to have known him the short time that I did.  He was a man that truly lived in the moment and had a sincere warmth I have rarely experienced from another human being.

Suzuki Roshi once said how lucky we are that life is impermanent. It makes it more special.  Finally I felt gratefulness followed quickly by determination.  I will not waste my life.

Thank you Dick.


  1. So sorry to hear about your friend's illness.

    Regardless of the length of time you've known him, he has clearly given you many gifts. It's a wonderful tribute to him that you've recognized and accepted those gifts.

    I wish you peace in your heart.

  2. Thank you. Great people can inspire even through death.