A Truth-seeker’s Philosophy

A Truth-seeker’s Philosophy

I ran accross Nina's blog yesterday and WOW!  What a great writer.  I bought her Kindle book Truth  and can't wait to read it.  She writes straight from the heart and cuts to the point.  Very refreshing.  Truth seeking at its best.  Zen, yoga, life, death, sankalpa, meditation...these are a few of the things she blogs about.

I encourage you to read the following post.  I am confident you'll explore a little further.



A Truth-seeker’s Philosophy

Who am I? and Why am I here? are eternal questions that fall upon the lips of even the most brave and fearless men and women. It is not for lack of courage that we cannot answer these questions; it is for lack of self-pursuit, the continuous thirst for a real connection between the Self as we have always thought of ourselves to be, and the real Self, who we fundamentally are as a full human being, not what we’ve acted out over these years.

continue to Nina's blog on Castlesintheair.org

An interview with the author Nina Yau on being mindful and present.

Trying to listen on American Zen - Journey to a Quiet Mind.

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