Being....I remember the joy and sense of wonder when I was a child.  A sense of belonging that was lost as I grew older, as I tried to please others, as I learned to worry about the future.  I remember the magic and joy of simply being alive, but alas, it began slipping away.  I think the first red flag that I was losing it was when I was reading a book titled "Moonlight at Midday" by Sally Carrighar.  Sally was a naturalist studying in a remote Eskimo village in Alaska.  The peacefulness of the people and her description of their "quiet minds" made me realize what I was now lacking...and so the long twisted journey began.

The first step in learning to "be" is acceptance.  Acceptance of what is.  This is it.  This does not mean you have to accept that this is how it will always be, just accept what is without resistance, resentment, or anger.  Let it be.  Surrender to "NOW".  Release the tension in your mind, the struggles, the preoccupation with worry and fear.  When we resist what "is", we will carry negative energy or resentment in our mind.  Just be here and now.  You may think, " but the energy of anger or being upset can be used to accomplish great change", but could it be better achieved with thoughts of positive change.  Anger, resentment, and other negative emotions are never the optimum way of dealing with a situation.

So now I am trying to surrender.  Accept what is.  What are the lessons presented to me right here and right now?   I will try and accept them and move on through the endless eternity of now.

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